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Callcounter API analytics dashboard

“We use Callcounter to quickly get meaningful insights in the usage of our API's. An invaluable tool!”

Michael Fiege - Invaldi
Michel Fiege
Co-owner, Ivaldi

See your API health in seconds

Important health KPIs such as response time and HTTP error counts provide immediate feedback.

Allowing your team to observe and fix API issues quickly with detailed API metrics.

See API health pie chart

Understand how your API is used

Your team can deeply understand your API usage and how they are used with intuitive charts.

Segment and aggregate by URI request, method, user agent and so much more.

Most used parts of API

Monitor end-to-end user experience

Easily track API usage and track how your actual users experience your APIs and applications.

Discover API trends chart

Debug slow endpoints

Empowing teams with powerful reporting to remove bottlenecks.

Filter HTTP requests by response time and optimise troublesome endpoints.

Find slow API calls table

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