Solid APIs are important for mobile apps

Published on 2021-05-10

When developing mobile apps it is important to also test an verify various backend related problems. What happens when the app cannot connect to the API? What happens when the API returns an error? How does the app respond when the API becomes slower because usage of the API grows?

Monitoring after deployment

Most of these problems can be identified and fixed during development. However, after the inintial development period it is important to keep using and monitoring the app. With userbase growth come other challenges. The API gets a bit slower in certain cases, at peak times some clients don’t get a response in time, or what about certain users who are still on an older version of your app?

Callcounter can help you get these insights.

  • Slow parts can be monitored in certain time frames.
  • Usage trends can be seen in charts, to determine peak times.
  • User agent filters allow you to segment all these insights based on the app version of your users.

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